mistakesdemotivatorIt has been one of the worst weeks I can remember. Every day I go home from work frustrated, angry, demotivated and despondent. While I recognized that going back to work after vacation would be bad, it has been so much worse than I could have imagined.


By the way, my vacation was outstanding. It was one of the best ones I can remember. Here is a brief observation about vacations; the French know what they are doing. One of the best things about this vacation was that everyone was off work, so no worry about catching up on email or other things going on, it was all break for two weeks.

Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail. There’s only make.

― Corita Kent

Now back to the issue that has ruined my week.

mediocritydemotivatorI have worked very hard in the last year to instill some really good habits into my daily life. It has worked, and I really believe that this has been an immense success. My year at work was great, and I was looking forward to refining these habits. As part of the good habits, I’ve started keeping better track of my thoughts, ideas and reading. There are some absolutely incredible tools out there to enhance your productivity. You can really see how technology can improve productivity in ways that are hard to articulate.

Today my goal is to be more productive than I was yesterday, and tomorrow more productive than today.

― Noel DeJesus

When I returned to work after the vacation, I found that my employer had killed one of them. They had killed perhaps the single most important tool I had adopted in the past year.

Good habits are worth being fanatical about.

― John Irving

Here is the point of this post. We live in a world where the slightest potential downside will cause something to be avoided or outlawed with no regard whatsoever for the upside potential (even if it is demonstrated). In my case with this tool we are honestly talking about 10 or 20 percent productivity effect (for me this is actually worth real money!). It would be like taking my cell phone away and making me use a rotary KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAlandline! Seriously. The change is that profound. You wouldn’t stand for the rotary phone. It would be catastrophic.

So, I’m not sure what to do. My problem is that I’m an early adopter of technology, and the system doesn’t know what sort of upside potential we are talking about. They only care about the potential dangers regardless of how remote they are. Of course this is associated with the reward system we work under. We are never rewarded for being more productive, at least at the level of the institution, and the price of a mistake is brutal, expensive and embarrassing. The consequence is that risks are avoided at all costs, and benefits are not gained if they have a risk associated with their enabling factors.736b673b426eb4c99f7f731d5334861b

Habits are patterns, and even the smallest ones tell a lot about who you are as a person.

― Jarod Kintz

a582af380087cd231efd17be2e54ce16This is one of the key reasons we are losing greatness as a nation. Any danger regardless of how remote or obviously obscure will trigger a massive effort to thwart its possibility. Any potential positive outcomes, no matter how large, cannot overcome the reaction to the minimal danger. Our response to terrorism is a perfect societal example. We have instituted the TSA and its idiotic security measures, which offer no actual safety, but only the perception of it. We are literally wasting lifetimes of time instituting this useless measure. Then there is over-reach of the NSA, which is threatening to undermine our economy by destroying trust in American companies. All to guard against risks that are actually far less than a host of common threats to our health.

We become what we repeatedly do.

― Sean Covey

demotivatorsAs a result it is we who make terrorism work through our fear. It is a force that is killing any greatness we have as a nation. It is destroying our ability to do great things. It is the biggest threat to our future.

Stop Blaming. Take responsibility for your thoughts and your actions.

― Dee Dee Artner