About The Regularized Singularity

My objectives are to be thoughtful, provocative and hopefully give you something to think about after you are done reading.

The information and opinion are solely my own, they do not reflect the views of anyone else including my employer.

Who am I anyway?

Currently I am working as a computational physicist  in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I work on government funded research in modeling and simulation.  In addition, I am an active contributor to Verification and Validation (V&V) with a focus on developing methods for conducting verification analysis, and quality frameworks.

I have been working in Albuquerque at this Corporate Entity for over 11 years.  Prior to that I was at Los Alamos National Laboratory for 18 years.   I have expertise in hydrodynamics (incompressible to shock), V&V, UQ, numerical analysis, interface tracking, turbulence modeling, nonlinear coupled physics modeling, nuclear engineering.  I plan to write something on all of these topics.
I’ve written two books and lots of papers on these, and other topics.
My most cited paper is on interface tracking, “Revisiting Volume Tracking” which has an interesting story related to the gap between why you write a paper and why a paper gets cited.  I wrote that paper with Doug Kothe.     Here is the citation:
Journal of Computational PhysicsVolume 141, Issue 2, 10 April 1998, Pages 112–152.
My two books are

 Implicit large eddy simulation: computing turbulent fluid dynamics, Published by the Cambridge University Press, Edited by Fernando Grinstein, Len Margolin and myself.  Fernando and Len are at Los Alamos.  The book is another interesting story.

 High-resolution methods for incompressible and low-speed flows, with Dimitri Drikakis and myself, Published by Springer-Verlag.

8 thoughts on “About The Regularized Singularity”

  1. Bill your blog is just great. Please continue.

    • Raphael, Thanks although one of the main objectives is just to write regularly and using a different style than the usual academic prose. I try to post something weekly.

  2. This blog is fantastic to me. Many useful ideas and inspiring things. Thank you.

  3. Greg Carter said:

    Just found your blog. Thanks for your voice and insights supporting the rational foundations for real human values. I’ll be back to visit. Hope the dolphins survive.

  4. Hi, I’m starting in the field of CFD and starting to check out your blog. I find that you have a particular style of writing, and every post that I read so far contains very interesting ideas and concepts, several of which I agree with. Keep the good work.

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